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We listen to their needs and think the best way for management their accounts receivable.

We are also recognized for our ability to innovate and our results-oriented focus. We add value, because we are continuing learning and specializing our knowledge to the collection management.

We focus in business processes in order to generate efficiency and ensuring the best service to our customers. We listen to their needs and think the best way for management their accounts receivable.


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Social Responsibility
Mission Vision

To provide collection management to regional credit cards, with the latest technology and specialized suppliers, through a highly qualified, happy and motivated team of employees (whom we call collaborators).

Cobranzas Regionales agree with Tarjeta Naranja Company's culture values; they describe what the company wants to reach. They are non-negotiable working practices. All our employees, including leadership members must understand them, accept them, share them, respect them and enforce them. These are our four values: Happiness at work; Continuous improvement at work; Inverted pyramid way of work and Open door-policy.

Social Responsibility

To provide the best collection management to Tarjetas Regionales S.A. group with the most competitive rates in the consumer credit industry.


Happiness at work

Continuous improvement

Inverted pyramid

Open door-policy

We want our employees to be happy and comfortable in their workplace in order to make each day a good and positive day. This value commits us to feeling well and satisfied, to make friends that share the same feelings and aspirations.

Each day at work is an opportunity to improve, in order to generate new and good ideas. If those good and new ideas of one employee are combined with those of another employee, Continuous improvement at work is a fact. Continuous Improvement at work is an unlimited search in our routine.

We are all focus on customer service: the most knowledgeable and those who have more experiences (leaderships) are situated at the base of the pyramid. The customers (the present and future of the company) are situated upwards the pyramid, towards the highest level, next to our newest employees. In the pyramid, each level and their employees, helps y support the previous one, because they have the necessary knowledge, experience and huge responsibilities.

In our company, every door is open to everybody at any time. There is always someone willing to listen and to channel suggestions. Our means of communications are always available. We are all here to listen.

Including diagnoses, strategic planning, undertake actions and their supervision. We offer a multi- channel management model.

Development of an updated and complete data base.

Scoring. Judicial and extra judicial management. Bad and old debts.

We are based on our services and technology, our philosophy, culture values and trained employees, so we guarantee you excellent results.

Personal Data Protection

Tarjeta Naranja S.A.: Tarjeta Naranja is leader, because it is the first credit card issuer in the country. It was created en 1985, in Córdoba city, Argentina. During 1995, Banco de Galicia becomes a shareholder, in order to provide a great expansion across the country, also offering new financial services for credit card holders. In 1998, Tarjeta Naranja achieves a strategic alliance with VISA, increasing additional benefits for the credit card holders in the country and around the world. In 2005 and 2007 new alliances were generated: MASTERCARD and AMERICAN EXPRESS. In 2011, Tarjeta Naranja arrived to Perú. Nowadays, Tarjeta Naranja's credit holders are 3 million, and it has 187 branches in the country, across 21 provinces and the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires www.tarjetanaranja.com.ar

Efectivo SI: It was created in 1982 as an opened commercial agent and becomes a company focused on providing financial services to a very specific demand on those days. In June of 2010, with the approval of República Argentina Central Bank, CFA S.A. was acquired by Banco Galicia (95% shareholding) and Tarjetas Regionales S.A. (5% of shareholding). Banco Galicia is one of the major banks in Argentina and leader on financial services; on the other hand, Tarjetas Regionales is a holding company of credit cards and consumer loans; it is proprietary of brands and operates under closed system. The company seeks to consolidate its strategic expansion in order to provide financial services all around the country. www.efectivosi.com.ar

Tarjeta Cuyana S.A.: It was created in 1996, in Mendoza city, Argentina, by Banco de Galicia and Angulo Inversora S.A, by then owners of Supermarket Vea that had 36 branches. In 1997, it began its expansion to the provinces of the region of Cuyo and became leader as credit card issuer. In 2004 Tarjeta Cuyana achieves an alliance with Banco Galicia and VISA in order to issue Nevada-Visa credit card, broadening benefits to the credit card holders and its national and international coverage. Since 2005, Tarjeta Nevada branches are opened beyond Cuyo, in the provinces of North West of Argentina and in La Pampa, Neuquén y Rio Negro. Nowadays Tarjeta Nevada's credit card holders are 560.000 and it have 45 branches across 12 provinces. www.tarjetanevada.com

Banco Galicia: It was created en 1905. It is one of the major private banks in the financial system of Argentina and leader on financial services across the country. www.bancogalicia.com

Tarjeta La Anónima: It was created by an alliance between La Anónima Supermarkets and Tarjetas del Mar S.A., a 14 years old company in financial business. Tarjetas del Mar is supported by Banco Galicia, owner group of its capital shares. www.laanonima.com.ar


Phone: 0351-4200507

Address: Sucre 151 - Cordoba - Argentina

Work with us

We are increasingly convinced that we can make a better society, giving of ourselves the best every day. That is why we help people, doing social and communitary aid. Our employees participate in different social assistance programs, helping nurseries, social canteens, and retirement homes, among other activities, in order to meet their needs.

Dirección Nacional de Protección de Datos Personales

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Security password

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We offer a secure service by web; at the moment you sign in, a security lock will appear and you will certificate a secure connection in the navigation bar:

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